If you’re planning on coming downtown on Canada Day there are some big changes that will be in place to keep everyone safe.

Visitors and residents will notice barriers set up through the downtown core and in areas like Sparks Street.

For the first time in Ottawa, the province’s Emergency Medical Assistance team has been called in so you can expect to see a make-shift hospital within walking distance to Parliament Hill.

There will be a visible, increased police presence with Ottawa Police, the OPP and RCMP working together. With Ottawa Paramedics primarily deployed to the downtown core, the city is bringing in paramedics from areas like Kingston and Peterborough.

“We’re literally going to contract them to come in and cover our rural communities so our 911 capacity isn’t hindered in any way,” said Anthony Di Monte, the general manager of Ottawa Emergency and Protective Services.

Last week it was announced that the RCMP will be setting up screening tents on Wellington Street to check people and their bags before letting them on to the Hill on July 1.

Specific details about the planned extensive road closures are expected to be released in the coming days.