The Victoria Day long weekend got underway in the capital with hundreds spending their Saturday outdoors. Cindy Dougherty’s friends and family parked their campers at Rideau River Provincial Park near Kemptville.

Dougherty’s waited more than 8 months for this day.

“A long time, couldn’t come quick enough,” she said “There's no power, we bring our own generators and we just set up and have a really good time.”

It was a beautiful Saturday in Ottawa  ahead of what could be a soggy Sunday and Monday.

“If it gets really bad, everybody piles into somebody's trailer, bring the right clothing, bug spray and you're laughing,” said Matthew MacKinnon.

Following what's been a miserable start to spring that forced the closure of many parks and campgrounds across the capital due to flooding.

We were sad to hear Fitzroy was flooded and we weren't able to go there,” said Michelle Wilson, “because that's traditionally where we go but this place is great, she said “It is where we're going to come back.”

Timouraz Bkurishvili led a Georgian church group of nearly 50 kids and parents from Toronto for a weekend of family fun. Children spent the day playing games, while parents prepared lunch on the barbeque.

“Having all kids together, setting up tents, setting up campsites and work together.”

For others, it was a day at the park for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

“To be able to be with family and be outside and get some vitamin D,” said Tara Stevens.” And some hot dogs!”

Some spent the day out on the links at nearby Rideau Glen Golf Course.

“Everybody's just excited to get out so I mean the wetness doesn’t bother them,” said Paul Frizzel, who said after a slow start to the season, golfers were excited to play the course; despite the wet grass.

Campers hope today was a sign of things to come this spring and summer.

“The kids are not playing video games; they're actually out running around. So it's nice to watch them too,” said MacKinnon.