The community of Campbell's Bay, Que. is filled with the sounds of local musicians this weekend.

The 'Get Together, Thank You' tribute event was organized by former mayor and community builder Cletus Ferrigan to celebrate the local musicians who performed online for free during the pandemic.

"He had been watching them all and just really appreciated that they were giving their time for free, playing music online," says Tim Ferrigan, Cletus's son and Campbell's Bay councillor.

Sadly, Cletus Ferrigan was not able to see his tribute event come to life, passing away from cancer in April at the age of 79.

Unsure if his dad's vision would still come to life following his passing, the acts set to perform changed their tune; instead dedicating the weekend concert to Ferrigan and all the effort he has put into the community since the age of 14.

"They all unanimously said they wanted to be here to pay tribute to Cletus," Tim tells CTV News. "And they made it clear they wanted to continue to come for this weekend."

Over two dozen performers from the Ottawa Valley and beyond made the trip to Campbell's Bay for the weekend at their own expense to play the show for free.

"I didn't know Cletus until he became a fan online and he reached out to me," said Doug Smith, a performer from Arnprior, known as the Canadian Troubadour.

"He said, 'Doug I've got to have you out to Campbell's Bay.' And I said, 'Oh, I'd love too."

For those who know Ferrigan, it has been an emotional weekend.

"The town just feels empty when we have a function like this going on and you don't see his presence," says Louis Smith, a former Campbell's Bay councillor.

"I don't think there is any words that you could actually say," says Smith. "He was just an enthusiast, he was a promoter. He was just an all in all guy."

"He was still organizing this event from his hospital room before he passed away," says Tim Ferrigan.

"And he made the declaration that the show must go on."

The tribute concert kicked off late Friday afternoon in Mural Park in Campbell's Bay and wraps up Saturday night, with the final act taking the stage at 10:30 p.m.