OTTAWA - It is often said democracy is messy. But the City of Ottawa says now that the campaigning is over, it’s time to clean up.

Despite the inevitable election fatigue and post-election night party hangovers, the city has put all election campaigns and volunteers on notice: get your stuff off public and private property within 48 hours.

In a release on election day, city officials reminded campaigns that “election signs on both public and private property must be removed” within two days.

Jason Lietaer is a long time conservative strategist who has run election war rooms for the party. Often the sign cleanup can be tough for campaigns.

"If you win, the signs are trophies. If you lose the signs get made into plastic straws", he says.

“Volunteers have had a long slog....pickup is a tough ask for a campaign without a win.”

No matter which side you’re on today, the City of Ottawa says the cleanup has to start.