Police in the Outaouais got more than they were expecting when they responded to a call for a domestic dispute north of Wakefield on Friday night.

MRC des Collines said the call to a home in Farrellton, Que., resulted in a drunk driving arrest, finding a man with an outstanding warrant for uttering death threats and locating more than 300 marijuana plants in the home.

They said they got the call to a dispute between a father and two sons, then another call for dangerous driving and reports of a second fight.

When they arrived they arrested the two brothers fighting outside the home, charging one of them for controlling a vehicle while impaired.

That 22-year-old blew more than twice the legal limit on the breathalyzer, had his license suspended for 90 days and his vehicle seized for 30 days, according to police.

After that first incident, police said they then had information that the father was wanted by OPP for uttering a death threat.

When they returned to the house Saturday night to execute the arrest warrant they discovered the marijuana plants and growing equipment.

Police then arrested the father and one son for production of cannabis.