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Caldwell Family Centre moving out of west end location due to housing shortage

The Caldwell Family Centre is looking for a new home, after three decades of serving the Carlington community in Ottawa's west end.

Due to the housing shortage in the capital, Ottawa Community Housing says it requires the two units at 1100 Medford Street that the food bank has been using.

"Come July 15, we will be vacating two units," Marilyn Matheson, Caldwell Family Centre executive director, told CTV News Ottawa on Wednesday.

Caldwell Family Centre is now asking for help to find another location for the food bank and its offices to continue offering programs to the community.

"While we are thankful for the time we’ve had in the two housing units, we understand the need to return them back into housing for families," Matheson said in a statement.

Ottawa Community Housing has been providing units 20 and 22 at a property on Medford Street for over 30 years, but now requires the units.

Volunteers are disappointed the Caldwell Family Centre food bank and offices will be forced to move out next month.

"I realize housing is a priority in the city and I'm not saying it's not, but for all the things we do I can't see how two housing spaces are going to make a difference in the housing shortage," volunteer Jack Poole said.

The food bank inside the Caldwell Family Centre on Medfort Street in Ottawa. (Jackie Perez/CTV News Ottawa)

Ottawa Community Housing says it has offered the Caldwell Family Centre "the only existing other space available' in the area at the Bellevue Community Centre.

Matheson says while the Caldwell Family Centre is thankful for the offer, the space is not adequate.

"We'd have to move the refrigerators, freezers in here and we would not have space for a lot of the other programming," Matheson said.

If the public knows of any potential locations or have any suggestions for a community centre that would be available, you are asked to contact Matheson at the Caldwell Family Centre.

"If we can find another space that is the same rent, which is free, it would be preferable so the programming at the Bellevue Community Centre could stay intact the way it is," Matheson says. Top Stories

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