Waterfront residents in Calabogie are fighting to keep their docks after the township ordered them removed.

Residents along Madawaska Street say they received a letter from the Greater Madawaska Township at the beginning of summer saying they must remove their docks by Oct. 1.

Kevin Lentz has lived along the water in Calabogie for 18 years and says his dock has been in the water for almost 70 years.

"Well [the letter] just said take your dock out by the first of October. I've never taken my boat out until at least the 15th of October," the homeowner tells CTV News.

Lentz says he is one of more than a dozen residents along the waterfront told to pull their dock out.

The letter from the township outlines a recent survey conducted before summer, which states the waterfront is in fact owned by the township.

"I have waterfront property," Lentz maintains. A sidewalk, roadway, and about six feet of grass separate his home and Calabogie Lake.

"I maintain it, I pay my taxes. My taxes say I have 54 feet of frontage."

A push to keep the docks in place is spearheaded by Barbara Marsh and her husband.

"We've been here for 20 years and we've never received a letter, and now we have to get our docks out," Marsh tells CTV News.

"Why? What's the why?"

Marsh maintains that no reason has been given regarding the removal and is worried their slice of paradise will be lost to urban development.

"What's the underlying thing that they're planning or doing?"

The township writes that one the recommendation of insurance providers is they order the docks to be removed to minimize liability exposure.

A public meeting is being held Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. at the Calabogie Community Hall where residents can deliver their opinions to council about the removal of their docks.