It isn't as far as actually going to Italy, but there's a bit of travel involved to find Ottawa's Best Italian Food as voted by our viewers.

Cabotto's Fine Italian Restaurant on Hazeldean Road in west Ottawa squeaked out a victory in the week-long contest, and the co-owners of the restaurant said the vintage setting was enough to draw people from afar.

"We were really surprised so many people voted because we are all the way out here, because sometimes you don't know how many people come all the way out here," said Carmen Narsete.

"We have a unique building, unique atmosphere, many people come for special occasions," said co-owner Perri Pucci. "Not many people have a unique building like we do."

The building that holds the restaurant was built in 1867, and Narsete said they try to re-create the Italian experience inside.

"We always play Italian music, the lights are dim, we want a very welcoming atmosphere like you're home," she said.

Of course, there's also the traditional Italian food which has been served up for 35 years.

"The quality is always there, hopefully it always will be," said one diner, who has been eating there for more than five years.

In the closest margin of victory so far this summer, Cabotto's won by one per cent over Mamma Teresa Ristorante on Somerset Street West.

  • Cabotto's 44%
  • Johnny Farina's 1%
  • La Cucina Ristorante 6%
  • La Porto A Casa 5%
  • Mamma Teresa Ristorante 43%

There have been three food champions crowned so far, and the next up is Ottawa's Best Pizza. Nominations are open until Sunday at midnight, voting runs from Monday to 1 p.m. Thursday, and the winner is announced on Friday's News at 6.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Melissa Lamb