OTTAWA -- The team at B E S S Restaurant in the ByWard Market wanted to start giving back to the community after opening a month ago.

This Thanksgiving they are serving up 100 turkey dinners for free to those in need or who are just passing by.

Desmond Bennett, part of the ownership group, says their goal is to do this regularly and help rebuild a sense of community after the difficulties of the pandemic.  

"It’s about being with your family, everybody is together but some people don’t have that opportunity so let's do that," Bennett said. "Even if you eat it by yourself you are still part of the whole."

Joe Sevre stopped in to pick up a turkey dinner. He says businesses reaching out doing things like this is what the holiday is all about.

“Given the fact that we are just still surviving the pandemic I think this opportunity for the community is really awesome," said Sevre.

The next community event hosted by B E S S will be for Halloween. Then turkey will be on the menu once again at Christmas.