That struggling artist strumming on the corner isn't what you think.

Ottawa Police Constable Daniel Testa is busking for change - in pedestrian behaviour.

When he spots an infraction he radios ahead to a uniformed officer.

“The problem we have,” says Cst. Testa, “if you are standing in full uniform people obey the rules. So we thought of this, being busker, no one will notice me, I’ll blend in.”

The fine for jaywalking can range from $45 to $80. Police aren't handing out tickets today just warnings.

Between 2008 and 2012, 18-hundred pedestrians were hit by vehicles in Ottawa and 38 of those resulted in fatalities

Last year 7 pedestrians were killed in traffic collisions.

CTV's Natalie Pierosara will have a full report tonight at six.