As millions of people pick and click with credit card in hand -- the online shopping business is exploding.

One of the global companies driven to get all those products delivered in time for Christmas is FedEX.

Not only was this the company's busiest day of the year, but it's also their busiest day in history.

"This year, the expectation for the forecasted volume is 13 percent more than last year," said Greg Carter, a senior manager at FedEx Ottawa.

That's largely thanks to online shopping. More people turning to desktops, tablets and smartphones translated into a big boost in worldwide businesses for shipping companies like FedEx.

Worldwide today, the company expects to process roughly 19 million packages. That's 200 packages per second.

FedEx meets that increased demand with 20,000 seasonal workers to help them out, on top of the 300,000 already on staff.

Today is the company's busiest day, but there is still time to ship parcels before Christmas.

" You can ship up to Dec. 21 and we'll have in on Christmas Eve delivered to your doorstep, so there is always the ability for that last-minute shopping," said Carter.

Shipping company UPS expects December 20th will be its busiest day.

The company expects to make 28 million deliveries worldwide that day, delivering more than 300 packages per second.

And Canada Post is expecting its busiest day of 2012 on Thursday, Dec. 13.

It estimates it will move a billion cards, letters, and packages.

With files from CTV Ottawa's Claudia Cautillo