You don't earn the nickname "The Canadian Coupon Mom" without knowing a thing or two about how to pile up the savings one clipping at a time.

Smiths Falls resident Jennifer Levac said she started collecting coupons four years ago when she feared her job was in jeopardy.

Today, she said it's quite easy to save hundreds of dollars over the span of a year.

"On average I save $5 to $10 or more, depending on what I'm purchasing in a week," she said. "So probably over the year, it's $200 to $300 or more."

The amount you can save doesn't reach the heights shown in the American show "Extreme Couponing" because of different rules, such as few Canadian stores allowing coupon stacking (using two or more coupons on the same item.)

However, she said her coupon binder is always full of tiny pieces of paper that can help lower your bills – to go along with coupons you can get online.

"We're all in this time and age where we want to save money," she said. "If you can get coupons to save it, then why not save that and be able to spend it on something else, right?"

Anders Griffioen said he takes it a step farther, subscribing to a service for deep discounts on selected items every day.

"I've probably purchased about 30 coupon vouchers through Kahoot, and my guess is I've spent between $500-$1,000," he said of the Ottawa company. "I've probably saved around $700 to $1500; I've spent a lot but I've saved a lot."

He said all you have to do to subscribe to Kahoot is enter your e-mail address.

"The best Kahoot has to have been the meat; I got $175 worth of meat for $55 dollars," he said. "The deal will expire after a certain number of people have purchased, so it's important to buy it early."

Levac took CTV Ottawa along on one of her shopping trips, where she was able to take almost a third of the price off her small bill.

"We ended up saving $1 off bear paws, $1 for potatoes, also we got healthy choices for free which was $.299 off," she said. "We saved almost $5, so that's $5 off what would have been $16."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Vanessa Lee

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