BROCKVILLE -- When Candace Stuber and Christine Brennan decided to put together some hero packages for staff at the Brockville General Hospital, they never thought it would get so big.

"I know when we got our first donation from Tetley, we kind of both screamed and didn't really know what to say because we were just mind blown," said Stuber on Wednesday.

The idea started when someone shared a post on their Bridges Brockville - Response to COVID-19 Facebook page.

"Someone in Trenton had done it, and we loved the idea," said Stuber. "We just couldn't narrow it down to a department, so we kind of went a little bigger and made sure everyone got a kit."

"We thought in the beginning there could have been only like maybe 500 people that worked at BGH, but it's a lot more than that," said Stuber. "We're about 1,400 bags as of today."

The women have opened it up even further with the large number of donations they have received, with kits being prepared for the Leeds and Grenville Paramedics and Brockville fire and police stations.

"It was definitely unexpected," added Brennan. "We just thought we would do a couple of simple little bags once we put an advertisement out for help, it kind of blew up. So we were definitely ecstatic of how big it got and how much help we have. We couldn't have done it without our community."

Frontline Hero Kits

Items in the kits include nail files and clippers, cereal, tea and coffee, candy and gift cards from local businesses.

Even large companies have jumped on board, including Ed Smith out of Stoney Creek who donated two pallets of jams and food.

"Kriska Holdings in Prescott actually picked it up for us to help us out," said Stuber. "Tetley Tea sent 4,400 tea bags, Bic surprised us with pens and we actually have Redpath Sugar dropping off a donation for sugar for all the bags."

Mark Nauman from Desjardins Insurance also dropped off 400 bags for the women to fill.

"We just seen a great cause and as an office and as a team we just wanted to help," Neuman said.

"It's an amazing thing and obviously those folks have been working hard during this pandemic," he added. "I wouldn't want to do what they're doing so I'm very much appreciative of what they are doing every day."

Both women having their kids help out putting the kits together.

"We get a little chain going," added Brennan. "So I throw a bunch of stuff in and then my kids will throw a bunch of stuff in, we fold the bag up and put it in a box where it kind of sits until delivery day, keep all the kids out of them."

"They're all sitting in my living room, all different stuff inside them, depending on who they're going," Brennan added with a laugh.

An online auction is also happening right now to support the cause, running until May 20.

"We have one 17 items throughout donations from the community and local reps and businesses," said Stuber. "Ranging from gift cards to a couples packages. There's gift baskets made up. It's been really, really successful so far."

Candace Stuber and Christine Brennan

Both women have been blown away with the support from their community.

"We kind of think we're crazy sometimes, but it's a lot of fun so far," said Brennan.

"Without the local businesses helping us, the local residents, our neighbors, our friends, it's been phenomenal," added Stuber

The kits are aiming to be delivered on June 3 to staff at the Brockville General Hospital.

For more information on the online auction or to help the cause, head over to the Bridges Brockville Facebook group.