BROCKVILLE, ON. -- For Natalie Wood at the Brockville museum, it's been a long four months. 

"We just reopened to the public today by appointment," she said, gleefully. "It's just really exciting to be welcoming our first guests back."

The museum had been closed since mid-March. At the time, they were working on a new exhibit that would have opened March 31.

It's now ready to go and called "Painting Picnic with Prudence Heward". It shows local scenes from the Brockville area.

"Heward's family had a summer home in Brockville here at Fernbank and, as a result, she would have what was called 'painting picnics', where she and some of her friends would come around and paint the area, including A.Y. Jackson from the Group of Seven," Wood said.

The paintings are on loan from other museums and private collections across Ontario and Quebec.

This is the first time this collection has been together showcasing Brockville and the area.

Some scenes are instantly recognizable, like the black church near Athens.

Black church near Athens

Others are harder to place.

"We've been talking about possibly doing a scavenger hunt of 'can you find this place?'" Laughed Wood.

The museum is offering one-hour time slots for up to five people, which means when you visit, you'll be the only ones in the building.

"It's a great chance to actually explore at your leisure, on your own, go where ever you feel comfortable, see what you want to see and you get the place to yourself for an hour," said Viktor Kaczkowski, community engagement officer for the museum.

"We're really excited to have people back in the museum and we are trying to be a safe as possible too," Kaczkowski said.

The museum is following all of the COVID-19 protocols.

"You have to wear a mask and we'll greet you with the standard screening questionnaire. We have hand sanitizer in place and we've increased our cleaning protocols," said Wood.

Most of the museum is open except for the small part upstairs.

"We have our carriages and car exhibit, so the great old cars that were manufactured here in Brockville, as well as other exhibits like the people of Brockville and Brockville's river and rail history," added wood.

"What we offer here is a chance for people from Brockville to really learn about their history and remember and to share their own story. It's very immersive, and tells you things you might not know, like did you know they made cars in Brockville?" Wood said.

Classic car Brockville Museum

"Anyone who has any interest or pride in their community, this is a great opportunity to find something that interests you. There's something for everybody here whether its cars, paintings, boating; you name it, we have something for everyone," added Kaczkowski

Admission to the museum is a donation amount of your choice, and times slots can be picked on their website

The museum is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.