BROCKVILLE -- The Noshery in downtown Brockville is closed to dine-in customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the owners are offering up a different kind of service to help residents in the community.

When you walk in, fresh produce displays itself on the empty dining tables, ready for customers to pack a bag of what they need.

The owners say the idea to offer produce at cost was discussed earlier this week.

“We’ve decided to make a makeshift grocery store,” said co-owner Karen Boucher.

“We’re ordering vegetables from our suppliers, and selling them at the same price that we are paying for them. We’re not marking them up at all."

An order early Thursday for ten pounds of potatoes and four pounds of carrots cost about $6.

“We just kind of decided that it would be a good thing to help people out that aren’t so fortunate,” said Stef Jones, owner/operator of The Noshery.

“Just to give them a break on price ..we figured we’d just sell it at our wholesale cost and save people some money. Especially right now with so many people out of work or laid off or they’ve lost their job. At least we can give them a little break.”

News of the makeshift grocery store spread quickly over social media and through word of mouth.  Both owners say they are a little overwhelmed, but seeing the community come together is worth it.

“It’s been fantastic. I’m on my cellphone and my laptop more than I’m doing anything else replying to messages, seeing what people want,” said Boucher.

Customers that arrived at the store on Thursday were happy to support local and avoid the crowds at bigger stores.

“Now is not the time to hoard food and toilet paper,” said Jones.

“Now is the time to share what you have if you are fortunate enough to have extra. Maybe share some with your neighbor that can’t get out of their house.  Just help out as much as you can, whoever you can.”

The Noshery also offers takeout and delivery within city limits.

You can find a full menu online. If you’d like to place an order for produce, you can call Stef or Karen at 613-865-9969.