BROCKVILLE -- D&D Tree Service is a small tree removal service in Brockville, and as with a lot of other local businesses they have had to adapt to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owner Doug Brooks had a conversation a week ago with a small paper in the city about ways to help people during the pandemic.

A Facebook post was created and Brooks decided to give away wood he had at his lot for people to heat their homes.

“It’s just mixed wood off of our tree jobs. It’s not really the kind of wood you would sell in the open market, but it works good for this kind of thing,” said Brooks.

There was little work coming in for the tree service, but Brooks knew that with the COVID-19 pandemic he would soon have to lay off his workers for a short time.

Once the social media post was created and shared, people began to call and he was able to keep his crew working.

Brooks even collaborated with another tree removal service in the area to employ some of their workers.

“Two of these guys that are here are from St. Lawrence Tree Service. I called them up and he said by all means, I’ll send over a couple of guys. So we’ve got a collaboration between two companies,” said Brooks.

“Neither one of us wanted to lay our guys off if we absolutely don’t have to and I think we can do this for a while yet.”

And the response from the community has been wonderful.

“It’s everything from basically crying to thankful to bringing coffee and donuts, and snacks for the guy. It’s overwhelming.”

Brooks is offering delivery of the wood in Brockville.

Lexx is a new homeowner in the west-end of the city, and she had wood delivered Friday morning.

“I’m really grateful. I just moved in here with my mom. She’s a disabled veteran, she can’t go out and get wood on her own so it’s really amazing to have somebody come out and support her like that. This will definitely get us through,” she said.

If you’re looking for wood, the location for pickup is on North Augusta Road in the Flea Market parking lot between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

If you need a delivery, call Doug Brooks at 613-345-3963