OTTAWA - Brigil Development says it plans to invest $3 billion building residential and commercial buildings in Orléans over the next 10 years.

The company plans to create space for 10,000 residents at its new Petrie’s Landing Development off Trim Rd., according to Yves Ducharme, the special advisor to Brigil.

The first phase of the project includes six condo towers off Trim Rd. Two are already complete with shovels expected in the ground for the third in February 2020.

If approved, the second phase would include another seven four-storey condo buildings and one 10-storey building nearby. The company would also like to create what it calls an urban village, with space for both residential and commercial options alongside Jeanne-d’Arc Blvd. during the third phase.

“Brigil is so proud of Petrie’s Landing,” said Gilles Desjardins, president of Brigil. “I’m thrilled to contribute to our great region’s evolution.”

Brigil says of the main draws will be the location to the Light Rail Transit system. During Stage 2 of LRT the Confederation Line is expected to extend east to Trim Rd. by 2024.

“Petrie’s Landing and the O-Train are a modern duo that will flourish like any other success somewhere else in big cities in North America, Europe or Asia” Desjardins said.