Big test for Ottawa’s LRT comes Tuesday- with up to 10 centimeters of snow on the way.

It is unclear how Ottawa’s LRT system will work.

“I don’t it is going to work- everyone is going to freeze,” says one rider.

James McMillan is another rider and says “It’s been a bit of a rough start... but I don’t want to be the one to way if it is going to work or not.”

The city says Rideau Transit Group, thecompany responsible for running the system, has a plan.

There is a winter weather staffing plan that includes staffing increased and sub-contractors to supplement snow clearing operations.

Rider Natasha McMillan says, “I take the LRT every morning.  So I will keep my fingers crossed.”

There will be radiant heating in waiting areas to keep passengers warm. The city says there are snow blowers, shovels and salt bins to the station that are above ground- and on the track that are exposed there were will snow fencing to help prevent build up.

A key to cold temperatures on the track will be switch heaters and additional duck work for operations.

Rider Jenna Mitchell says, “On my way to class I was getting stuck (here at Tunney’s Pasture). So hopefully they work with snow on the ground.

OC Transpo will be responsible of snow clearing on the bus loops, platforms, shelters and sidewalks in fare paid zones.

The city says it will be a coordinated approach for snow removal between OC Transpo, Rideau transit and public works.

Dyna Vink says, “I think this is a wonderful project... they made mistake in the implementation but I am confident they will fix it.”

Councillor Allan Hubley he has “faith that RTG received the message loud and clear that they needed to get prepared for the snow we know is coming.” He says equipment was out Monday and drivers had a chance to do training. “We expect them to be full staff overnight and tomorrow morning to provide reliable service.”