While accused murderer Basil Borutski sits silently in cour, the jury heard a startling admission in his own voice today, that he killed three women.

In a lengthy interview with the OPP investigator played before the jury, Borutski cited the Bible, saying God made the killings easy for him.

In a rambling,often explosive interview, Basil Borutski talks about how he killed the women because they weren't innocent but how he couldn't take his own life because that would be murder.

It is a bizarre and twisted confession but in Basil Borutski's mind, what happened needed to happen.

“I killed them because they were not innocent," he tells Detective Sergeant Caley O'Neill, who is the OPP officer interviewing Borutski.

Referring often to the bible, Borutski explains to O'neill that God was trying to show him that the commandment "Thou shalt not murder" means you can't take an innocent life.  “Murdering is killing something innocent,” he said.

“That's why I couldn't kill myself," he says, "because I thought about shooting myself but I can't do that because I didn't do anything wrong.  That would be murdering myself.”

Borutski has not uttered a word since the trial began into the murders of Nathalie Warmerdam, Anastasia Kuzyk and Carol Culleton. But he had much to say to O'Neill, becoming increasingly more agitated and angry as the interview wore on.

“I've been telling people over and over I'm going to explode," he explained to O'Neill, blaming the police, the justice system and these women for where his life was at.  And then this:

“God is really helping me because when I went to carol's, she walked right outside." 

 Carol Culleton was a widower who lived in a cottage that Borutski had helped fix up.

She is the first of 3 women killed in that rampage.

“And there was a cable and I picked it up and I hit her with it and wrapped it around her head,' he tells O'Neill.

"This is not you, Basil," he recalls her saying, "this is not you."

Anastasia Kuzyk was next.  She was in her home with her sister early Tuesday morning.

“Why did you lie in court?” Basil recalls asking her.

"She said “I didn’t” and the gun went off."

Then Natalie Warmerdam. Twenty minutes after Kuzyk is shot dead, Warmerdam is killed on the stairs of her house.

“Boom. That was it. I walked out," says Borutski, “It was funny, like i wasn’t even pulling the trigger on the gun. The gun was just going off.  Boop."