Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has identified the body found in the Rideau River on Sunday as Muhab Sultanaly Sultan.

Sultan was found in the river on Sunday following four days of searching. According to Ottawa Police, the 23-year-old entered the river on Wednesday after a dramatic chase through downtown Ottawa, before abandoning his car and entering the river to allegedly evade police.

London and Ottawa Police had been working together to determine whether the man who drowned in the river was the same person wanted in a high profile murder case.

Muhab Sultanaly Sultan was wanted by London Police for second degree murder following the shooting death of Jeremy Cook . The 18-year-old was killed earlier this month after trying to trace down his stolen cell phone.

Sultan's father, Sultan Sultan, reportedly arrived in Ottawa late Sunday night to help police identify the body using dental records.

The SIU has now designated nine witness officers and two subject officers from the Ottawa Police Service.