OTTAWA -- It’s the time of year when crowds fill the stores for Christmas shopping, and this is the week to do it.

Black Friday sales have already started at some stores in Ottawa and shoppers are out getting a head start on some early deals.

For those who love to shop, Black Friday has now become more than just a one-day event. With deals of 50, 60, or 70 per cent off at Tanger Outlets in Kanata, the sales have already started.

Julie Laberge and her mom Helene came all the way from Embrun, Ont. to get as many deals as they could.

“We’re shopping for Christmas,” says Laberge. “Instead of going to the malls. Instead of going to St. Laurent or Orléans we come here, because there’s better deals.”

And they’ve been busy, loading their entire trunk with shopping bags.

Black Friday in Ottawa

“With COVID-19, we’ve been stuck at home,” says Laberge. “And now, since things have reopened, it’s like, okay, lets get out there. Last year I did all my Christmas shopping online.”

Fewer COVID-19 restrictions are causing people to get out and shop in-person as opposed to last year’s rush to order everything online. And retailers are suggesting that supply chain issues could impact the availability of some products.

PR manager at, Nicole McKnight, says some shoppers will hit the malls this year just out of pure boredom.

“Around half of Canadians said they plan to shop Black Friday sales,” says McKnight. “Just as many, about 11 per cent said they would do it for the deep discounts they’d get, as to just being bored and just feeling like they wanted to shop. And it’s this kind of nice distraction I guess right now.”

Shoppers Laura and Ruby say they couldn’t wait until Friday to pick up a deal on shoes.

“We’ve been doing so much online shopping over the past almost two years that it’s a pleasure to be out,” says Laura. “I love it.”

“I need new shoes. I need a lot of stuff. And I’m all for deals,” says Ruby. “I try to do early. But I'm also one of those people who wait for the last minute.”

Beating the rush and possibly missing out on items is another reason people are showing up for pre-Black Friday sales.

“On Friday, it will be more crowded,” says Hamad Alabri, “and you will not have the stock you are looking for.”

But what is a good deal?

Tanger Outlets Black Friday 2021

What is that magic number that gets shoppers to spend their hard earned cash?

“At least 50 per cent,” says Alabri.

“I can do 30 or 40. There are not a lot of stores that have 50 per cent,” says Laberge

“Clearance and an additional 40 per cent off,” says Ruby.

Last year, in-store shopping for Boxing Day was cancelled. This year, people are just looking forward to a regular shopping season.