Bitterly cold weather has descended on the Capital, making it one of the coldest days in a decade.

Ottawa awoke to a temperature of -29, with the wind-chill, making it feel like -39.

The Canadian Automobile Association reports 500 calls to boost dead batteries by 6am.  Stranded motorists are forced to wait up to 3 hours for service. 

The Ottawa Fire Department is responding to many calls of frozen pipes in apartments and detatched homes. 

Hydro Quebec reports up to 1,800 homes in the Outaouais are without power.  Camp Fortune ski area is closed today because the hill has no power.  It will reopen Thursday. 

Ottawa Public Health has issued a frostbite warning for Ottawa.

The warning is issued when the forecast calls for a wind-chill of -35 degrees or colder.

CTV's JJ Clarke says there's no relief from the frigid Arctic air until the weekend.

Exposed skin can freeze in less than ten minutes.  Ottawa Public Health says there's also a risk of hypothermia for people who stay exposed to cold weather for a long period without proper winter clothing.

The frostbite warning will be in effect until the morning of January 24th.