OTTAWA -- Two Ottawa-area residents are celebrating the arrival of spring with six-figure Instant Bingo wins.

Jennifer McCrae of Richmond won $250,000 in the Instant Bingo Multiplier.

"I'm a regular player. This was the last BINGO ticket in the display," said McCrae.

The 49-year-old mother said she was stunned for two days after discovering her big win.

She plans to pay some bills and save her winnings for a trip when it's safe.

Meantime, retired firefighter Patrick Sheehan of Nepean won $100,000 with Instant Bingo Doubler.

The 90-year-old great-grandfather was at home when he played his ticket.

"I was shocked," said Sheehan, who asked his wife of 67 years to double check the ticket.

Sheehan plans to donate some of his wins to charities.

"I have a couple charities I'd like to support, and I will treat myself to a big family get together when the pandemic is over. I miss them so much," Sheehan told OLG.