The City of Ottawa is apologizing for a costly misprint in a glossy bilingual calendar, which made it into the hands of some residents.

Although the calendar lists each day of the week in French, it misses out Saturday in English.

"I would like to apologize for the errors in the proofreading and layout of this calendar," wrote Renée Bertrand, manager of the city's French language services, in a memo to city council.

"I take these concerns seriously and I can ensure you that the French Language Services Branch (FLSB) is taking immediate action to strengthen internal controls and ensure an error of this nature does not reoccur."

The city spent $16,000 to make 2,500 copies of the erroneous calendar, which was covered by a grant from Heritage Canada.

The calendars were part of a campaign to remind employees to use French in the workplace and offer municipal services in both official languages.

"The calendar was not designed nor intended for broad distribution," Bertrand stated.

He said the majority of calendars were distributed internally, but some were also given to the public.