OTTAWA -- The calendar says it's the first week of November, but Environment Canada's top weather forecaster says it will feel like "mid-September" in Ottawa for the next week.

"This is not just a one or two day wonder. You often can see these kind of little sneak looks of the summer of the past, but boy this is going to go on for a whole week and wall-to-wall sunshine," said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips.

The forecast calls for sunshine over the next five days, with temperatures well above normal for this time of year.

During an interview on Newstalk 580 CFRA's Ottawa Now, guest host Graham Richardson asked Phillips why we are seeing late summer weather in Ottawa this week.

"It is just the feature in the summer that does give us those warm, muggy hot days called the Bermuda High. It's a large, high-pressure area – it's like a no-weather zone," said Phillips.

"It sits over Bermuda, but right now it's parked over the eastern part of the United States."

Phillips says a couple of weather systems moving across the top of Ontario are drawing the warm air up from the south and into the area.

"We're sitting in this kind of no weather zone of sunshine, dry weather, no clouds or few clouds and lots of warmth, unseasonable warmth."

Environment Canada's forecast calls for a high of 16C Thursday and Friday, and highs of 13C Saturday, 15C Sunday and 15C on Monday.

"When it ends say around Remembrance Day, the middle of next week, we're not going to be punished by it. Sometimes in these warm interludes in November, all of a sudden the tropical weather leaves and the polar vortex comes down and beats you up," said Phillips.

"Well now, it's going to be seasonable temperatures. It will feel a lot cooler, but it will be seasonal for this time of the year."

While the temperatures will be in the double-digits over the next week, it doesn't appear we will set a record. Here is a look at the record high temperatures recorded at the Ottawa Airport:

  • Nov. 4, 18.9C
  • Nov. 5, 22.8C
  • Nov. 6, 23.9C
  • Nov. 7, 21.1C
  • Nov. 8, 21.1C
  • Nov. 9, 18.5C

With files from CTV News Ottawa's Ted Raymond