OTTAWA -- Employees have been cleared out of two OC Transpo buildings after the discovery of bed bugs.

In a memo to Councillors, Transit Operations Director Troy Charter says a staff member found a bed bug in OC Transpo’s main administration building at 1500 St. Laurent Blvd. Wednesday afternoon.

Charter says an overnight investigation found bed bugs had been present in “certain specific areas on the second and third floors of the administration building and one specific area at 875 Belfast Rd.”

“There was no evidence of bed bugs on the other floors of the administration building nor the Transit Operations Control Centre," said Charter.

OC Transpo has redirected employees who normally work in 1500 St. Laurent and 875 Belfast Rd. to other locations.

Treatment for the bed bugs is scheduled to begin Thursday afternoon.

Charter says “all staff will be cleared from 1500 St. Laurent to allow the treatment to take place. The treatment is anticipated to be completed by Saturday afternoon.”

OC Transpo insists there has been no impact to service or customers as a result of the bed bugs in the two buildings.

“OC Transpo conducts daily cleaning of its buses and trains and any issues identified are addressed before the vehicle is returned to service,” said Charter.