Shelves usually full of food for people in need in Ottawa are now nearly bare at the Barrhaven Food Cupboard.

“The problem is the increase in demand,” said Ken Lee. “If it’s not keeping pace with demand, you're getting bare cupboards like this, because outflow is greater.”

In July a record 93 families used the services of the Barrhaven Food Cupboard, about 40 families more than this time last year.

Food banks in Kanata and Gloucester are also dealing with high demand and low donation rates.

“Last year at this point we were probably doing 180, now we're doing about 200-215, so it is a big increase I would say,” said Karen Waters of the Kanata Food Cupboard.

Summer is traditionally the most challenging time for food banks.

Gwen Bouchard from the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard said it serves about 525 families a month.  Nearly half of people who use it are kids 18 years old and younger.

Bouchard says many families who use food banks are on a fixed income.

“I think we will get more increases because a lot of layoffs are going on.  We're seeing people coming to us who haven’t in the past and getting a lot of new clients,” said Waters.

All 3 food banks are using cash donations to meet demand in their communities.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Claudia Cautillo