Frustrated bus users from Barrhaven spent the evening outlining their public transit problems at a neighbourhood meeting organized by city councillors in the area.

On Tuesday, councillors Jan Harder, Scott Moffat and Michael Qaqish held a Barrhaven transit forum at Pierre-Savard Catholic Secondary School.

There users voiced their concerns about major delays travelling to and from Barrhaven during peak hours, being left stranded at Fallowfield station, and over-crowding on buses.

Sarah Klugerman says her commute home from her downtown job to the Half Moon Bay area should take 45 minutes to one hour. Instead, she says she is spending double that time getting door-to-door.

“The (buses) never show up,” Klugerman said.

Councillor Jan Harder says the suburb has grown 29 per cent to 90-thousand residents, but that public transit in the area is not keeping pace.

Harder says she is receiving 30 to 40 complaints a week from frustrated residents.

“If you think about it from a community here like Barrhaven, you can drive from here to Kingston and back again in the same amount of time that people have to spend taking transit. It’s absolutely ludicrous,” Harder said.

Missing from the meeting were OC Transpo representatives. Harder says they were left off the invite list this time.

Another meeting is in the works for April where OC Transpo representatives will be welcome.