Autopsy results on two people found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Ottawa's east end have revealed how the couple died.

Police say their investigation reveals Alicia Bateman was strangled to death and Ryan Sawchuk hanged himself.

Police found the bodies of the high school sweethearts shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday when they were called to Bateman's home at 302 Cote Royale Cres., located just behind Place D'Orleans shopping mall.

Bateman and Sawchuk, both 28 years old and originally from Calgary, Alta., were set to get married this fall.

The couple reportedly came to Ottawa to start a new life together. But while Bateman found a job with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Sawchuk couldn't find work and had to return to Calgary.

There are unconfirmed reports the couple was having problems and was on the verge of calling off their engagement.

Sawchuk's family told reporters he couldn't live without her and refused to let her go. It is believed Sawchuk booked a last-minute flight to Ottawa on Saturday -- the same night the couple was found dead in Bateman's home.