A pit bull named Jazzy is starting to recover after being choked, beaten and bitten in Pembroke this week.

The three-year-old dog is on medication and in the care of the city after the attack, which witnesses said happened early Wednesday morning.

"It had significant bleeding from its right shoulder and its lower abdominal area,” said Michael Street, a bylaw officer with the City of Pembroke.

“It’s a female and one of her teets was bleeding heavily."

The attacker, likely the dog’s owner, was stopped by a group of ten to 15 people and apprehended under the Mental Health Act.

The malnourished dog was wrapped in a blanket and brought to the city.

“It’s been feeding pups, and with dogs that are feeding pups they need an enhanced diet,” Street said. “Certainly more protein . . . and I suspect this dog was not getting it.”

Street said Jazzy will be getting a fresh start with a new family soon, with her attacker expected to be charged.

"The disposition of the dog is wonderful, it hasn't displayed any vicious tendencies and is adapting well,” he said.

“It's just, in my opinion, happy that there is someone caring for it, that it's safe, that it's being fed and nurtured."

If you’re in the Pembroke area you can help with her veterinarian bills with a special fund at Pembroke’s city hall.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Katie Griffin