A national atheist group will wait until Mar. 12 to find out if OC Transpo will have to reverse its decision on rejecting the group's bus advertisements.

The advertisement is part of a campaign by the Free Thought Association of Canada to promote the rights of non-believers.

It reads: "There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

OC Transpo originally turned down the advertisement due to concern that it may offend other religious groups.

Representatives have cited a policy that prevents them from accepting ads that would do so.

The campaign started in Europe and has gone global. In Canada the group's message can be found on buses in Calgary, Toronto and London. City staff in Halifax and Ottawa both chose not to use the advertiser.

The wait until mid-March for a final decision comes after the city's transit committee failed to come to a decision on Wednesday.

The committee was split in a tied vote on the issue.