OTTAWA -- Baseball clubs across the national capital region are ejecting the “Astros” from the field following the cheating scandal involving the Major League Baseball club.

In January, the Houston Astros were fined $5 million after the league ruled the team used electronics for sign-stealing during the run to the 2017 World Series title and again during the 2018 season.

The Aylmer Amateur Baseball Association has decided to remove the “Aylmer Astros” jersey this season. The Astros jerseys will be replaced with the “Mariners” jersey for the 2020 season.

Last season, four teams in the Aylmer Amateur Baseball Association wore the “Astros” uniform, from Mosquito to Midget.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa, association president Daniel Caron said “young players idealize professional players and teams. They are extremely proud to wear the uniforms of MLB teams.”

“Major League officials have decided that no sanctions will be issued directly to the players involved. Unfortunately, this goes directly against the values we are trying to install in our young players,” said Caron.

Caron points to the Aylmer Amateur Baseball Association Code of Ethics that states players:

  • Strictly obey all rules and refusing to win by illegal methods or cheating
  • Good sportsmanship means competing in the spirit of fair play. It means counting on sheer talent and ability to win.

The Orléans Little League has used the Astros name previously for its spring season.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa, President Robert Lay said “it is to my belief that we will not be using the Astros name during our spring season for the foreseeable future.”

During the summer season, the Orléans Little League is known as the “Orléans Red Sox.”

The Ottawa West Little League says it has different sets of jerseys with various MLB team names, including the Astros.  Last season, two sets of Astros jerseys were used.

Ottawa West Little League president Barbara Colvin says a member of the executive made the suggestion to remove the Astros jersey from teams this year. A decision was expected to be made on Wednesday evening.