Bhupinderpal Gill drew gasps in the courtroom today when he pointed a finger at his co-accused Gurpreet Ronald and told the Crown to ask her who killed Jagtar Gill.

It's the first time in his 4 days on the stand that Gill has even acknowledged his former lover.

And today it was with an accusatory finger pointed her way. The weightlifting bar formed a key focus for Crown Prosecutor Jason Neubauer in his cross examination of Bhupinderpal Gill; the weights and collars of the bar mysteriously cast aside in the basement of Gill's home the day of the murder.

“So your evidence,” Neubauer asked Gill,  “is that the killer walked past the hammer in your dining room, went to the basement, found the weightlifting bar, took the time to take off the weights and collars?"

Then, like a page from the O.J. Simpson trial, Neubauer had Gill put on blue nitrile gloves then demonstrate how to put the weights and collars on the weightlifting bar and how to take them off; something that took considerable time and effort.

Neubauer said "All this is happening while Jagtar is on the couch?  That's what you're saying?"

Gill maintained he did not bring the bar upstairs.

“Whoever went to my basement to disconnect the phone line is the person who brought the bar upstairs.”

Then he extended a finger in Gurpreet Ronald's direction and said,

“You should ask her who did this...because her DNA is there.”

The Crown says Gill's two jobs in the murder of his wife were to get the murder weapon ready and to make sure that Jagtar was alone.

Gill admitted on the stand that he had to ask his daughter twice to come shopping with him the day of the murder. She didn't want to come, preferring to stay home to take care of her mother and study for an exam.

Neubauer then lays out a scenario of a well-planned murder gone wrong; of too much evidence to clean up in too little time. Neubauer suggests that Gill and Ronald figured the weightlifting bar would have been enough to kill Jagtar but that they underestimated her strength, that the knives, the cut on Ronald's hand, the tip of the glove left at the murder scene were certainly not part of the plan.

“So what that meant,” Neubauer added, “is that you had a lot more work to do when you got home.”

He suggested what Gill then did was race around the house moving the knives and hiding the bar.

What he didn’t do was to sit with his wife and comfort his daughter.

Neubauer told Gill that he wasn't looking for an intruder in his house when he went racing through the house with the bar in his hand; he was looking for evidence.

“You knew the intruder was gone,” he said, “because you had just seen her, Gurpreet Ronald, moments earlier at Sobey’s.”