A training video for Global Affairs Canada will see its facilities invaded by an armed intruder this weekend. 

On Saturday, March 17, the video will be filmed at 125 Sussex Drive between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Filming will take place between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. at 234 Laurier Avenue on Sunday, March 18th.

"The video is being developed as a training and awareness tool. It is to give employees information should they ever face an armed intruder in the workplace," Stéphane Shank, a spokesperson for the Privy Council of Canada wrote in an emailed statement. 

"The filming simulates an event we hope never happens, but one for which we must be prepared," he went on to say.

Most of the filming is taking place indoors, but a few scenes will take place outside. Signage advising onlookers about the simulation will be visible at both locations this weekend. 

The department said Fire and Emergency Measures Unit will assist with the video portraying a lockdown/active shooter incident. The video, when finished, will replace the Government of Canada's use of the US Department of Homeland Security video. 

To make the video as realistic as possible, the government said filming will have:

  • A plain-clothes RCMP officer acting as the armed intruder.
  • Individuals dressed as civilians acting as employees and building occupants


  • The filming will feature actors responding to a simulated emergency.
  • There will be yelling and screaming in some takes.
  • Plain-clothes RCMP officer will be firing blanks during some takes.
  • RCMP duty officers and vehicles will be on site at 125 Sussex
  • All gun action shots will occur within the facility.