An Ottawa architect hopes others will come forward after he offered to help a woman who was left in a wheelchair when she was shot in the neck by her boyfriend more than one year ago.

Robert Taylor is offering to design an accessible home for Cathleen Lavoie, who lost her children, her home and the ability to walk following the shooting.

Alvin Persaud was sentenced to 10 years in jail earlier this week in connection with the case.

Taylor came forward after watching a story about the sentencing that aired on CTV Ottawa on Tuesday.

Lavoie, who was nicknamed "Mary Poppins" for her caring nature towards children, told the court that life as she knew it is over.

In her victim impact statement, she said she's lost everything: "My life as it was is totally gone: I've lost my home, my children and my life."

Although Taylor has offered his help, he hopes others will also come forward to make Lavoie's dream of a better life come true.

"This is only one very small step, but it's a start," Taylor told CTV Ottawa.

"My hope is there will be a response from the general public with cash donations, but also from engineers, builders, trades people, suppliers, and property owners."

Lavoie currently lives in a long-term care facility. Her injuries prevent her from caring for her three children, who have been separated and are now being raised in three different homes.