The case of two Ottawa lovers jointly convicted of first degree murder was before a Toronto courtroom Wednesday as they appealed their convictions. 

Lawyers for Bhupinderpal Gill and Gurpreet Ronald are hoping their convictions can be overturned. The case itself is widely known in Ottawa especially among the Sikh and the OC Transpo community.

Gill and Ronald were found guilty 3 years ago of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for the bludgeoning and beating death of Jagtar Gill on January 29, 2014.  The mother of three was discovered in a pool of blood inside her home.  It was her 15-year-old daughter who found her.  Within weeks, Gill and Ronald, both OC Transpo drivers, were arrested for plotting the murder.  The pair had been lovers.  They maintained their innocence but were ultimately found guilty.

Now, the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto is hearing arguments from their lawyers about why those convictions should be overturned.

Members of Jagtar Gill's family attended court every day throughout the murder trialin Ottawa.  Wednesday, many of them travelled to Toronto to attend the appeal. 

It could take weeks or even months before the Appeal Court panel renders its decision.