Nearly 7,000 patients are receiving letters warning of a remote chance they may have contracted Hepatitis or HIV from one doctor's improper sterilization practices.

The health scare was made public over the weekend and the clinic and doctor named on Monday.

Health officials say the private endoscopic clinic was operated by gastroenterologist Dr. Christiane Farazli. It is located at 1081 Carling Avenue west of downtown Ottawa in suite 606.

Thousands of patients have been through the clinic over the 10-year period officials are looking at; some lives have now been turned into a whirlwind of fear and worry.

"I find I have a hard time focusing on anything," says one patient who would like to remain nameless.

"If you are the one in a million – that's multiplied by how many people are in your family," he says.

Frazli is being investigated by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In a statement she says "I apologize for any inconvenience or anxiety that patients may experience."

Lisa Pajot has Crohn's disease and needs an annual colonoscopy. She says her procedure with Dr. Farazli was unnecessarily painful.

"We have a compromised immune system," says Pajot. "She's got to be held accountable."

On CTV Ottawa News at Noon, the Associate Medical Officer of Health told anchor Michael O'Byrne the doctor is still practicing.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Kate Eggins