You look away for a split second, and your child is gone.

It’s an experience that most parents will have at some point and it can be terrifying.

One Ottawa father, Marc Regimbal, lost his son for 20 minutes in a department store. That experience, combined with his background in IT, led him to develop a product called Childtrac.

The small device can fit in your child’s pocket and comes with an APP that allows you use your cellphone to pin-point exactly where your child is on a map.

Regimbal says, he uses the device with his own children. “Amusement parks, a crowded mall, when my kids go to summer camps or school outings. It’s good to have the peace of mind and freedom that they can get a hold of me and I know where they are.”

In an emergency, the child an also push one button on the tracker to call your cellphone and have a two-way conversation.

The childtrac is aimed at kids aged 5 to 11, when they are too young to carry their own cell phone.

The tracker sells for $300 and you need to buy a $15 monthly phone-card to activate it.

CTV’s Natalie Pierosara will have more on this story tonight at six.