The first of the alleged victims in the human trafficking trial in Ottawa took the stand today. An Ottawa courtroom heard her videotaped statement to police that she feared she'd be beaten up if she didn't agree to sell her body.

It is a Facebook encounter that the 18 year old will always regret. After chatting on Facebook with one of the then 15-year-old girls accused in the case, she agreed to meet at St Laurent mall one day last May.  She says a girl she didn’t know was there as well.  The 3 ended up at the homes of one of the accused , an east end townhouse that Ottawa police would raid months later.

It is here the complainant told police in a videotaped statement that she was plied with makeup, forced to smoke marijuana, stripped naked and photographed.

"She told me to take off my skirt" she says one of the accused told her, “or she'd do it for me. I was scared they were going to beat me up."

"They asked me if I'd be a stripper or an escort. I said I wouldn't respect myself (if I did)."

She says one of the girls texted a man and forwarded the photos to him and that he responded “yummy and said he'd give me $300 to have sex with me. I was panicking saying I didn't want to do this."

The girl told Ottawa police during her videotaped statement that the man, who was in his 30’s, drove her back to his house, made her wear a pink bikini and gold leggings, then had oral and vaginal sex with her. She says she did it because she was scared of the two girls who had “threatened to make her life a living hell” if she didn’t cooperate. She was paid $180 she says, but the deal had been $300. She says she was then forced to meet a second man.

That man, who was in his 50s or 60s, asked her to prove she was 19 years old, as she says she was instructed by the girls to say. She broke down in tears and told the man the whole story.

She says he gave her some clothes, a Caramilk chocolate bar and $20 to pay for a cab to her friend’s house where she called her mom. Together they contacted police.

In cross-examination today, defence lawyer Trevor Brown, who represents one of the three girls accused, is making a case that his client was simply on the "sidelines" of all the planning and questioning why the young complainant didn't try to run away from either the girls or the man.

Three teens are charged with multiple crimes, including human trafficking, sexual assault and making child pornography.  They have all pleaded not guilty.