Nicole Labombard tried to convince a Campbell's Bay courtroom Wednesday that she should be granted custody of more than 500 dogs that were taken from her kennel two months ago.

The dogs are in the care of Humane Society International Canada after what quickly became known as the country's largest animal seizure.

There have been several complaints against the Paws R Us kennel over the years. Labombard is accused of running a puppy mill and not being able to properly care for the hundreds of canines.

The lawyer representing the kennel says the owners were in the process of improving conditions for the dogs when authorities shut them down.

"They're receiving critical care and that is HSI Canada's key concern," said Michael Bernard of HSI Canada.

Berchard says the hope is for HSI to gain custody of the dogs and find them happy loving homes.

It is costing HSI $6,000 per day to care for the animals. The organization is managing the cost with the help of donations from volunteers.

Labombard's lawyer argues the seizure was illegal and since then they've tried to make a deal with the Quebec government.

"We offered to split the number of animals but it's a complete refusal at this time," said Labombard's lawyer Jean-Carol Boucher.

For now the dogs are stuck in legal limbo while the judge takes time to make a decision.

It could be 10 days before there is a verdict.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman