An American male nurse has admitted to advising a number of people to commit suicide during online chats, and police believe an 18-year-old Carleton University student was among the group.

Nadia Kajouji's family is now seeking justice after the death of a girl described as driven, smart, loving, and caring.

Kajouji's body was found in the Rideau Canal in April 2008 after she had been reported missing.

The Brampton native was believed to have been talking to a Minnesota man before jumping to her death - a man police think may have persuaded her to end her life.

According to an unsealed police affidavit, 46-year-old William Melchert-Dinkell admitted to encouraging the suicides of as many as five people.

Melchert-Dinkell allegedly posed as a young girl, often named Cami, and coaxed others to join him in a suicide pact. The affidavit shows an e-mail peppered with smiley faces and exclamation points, offering practical advice on how to hang yourself.

No charges have been laid against Melchert-Dinkel. Police in St. Paul, Minnesota say the investigation is moving slower than expected because of the case's unusual and sensitive nature.

Ottawa police will wait for Minnesota authorities before deciding whether charges should be laid here.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Vanessa Lee