OTTAWA -- The mom of an Ottawa Girl Guide says her family’s personal information has been compromised.

With cookie sales being promoted online, Amy Eves is hoping for reassurance that the system is secure before taking part.

The Ottawa mom says she became concerned when she received an iPhone 12 case in an unexpected Amazon delivery.

“It was in my daughter's name. What was puzzling is that my daughter is nine years old,” she said.

Her daughter is a member of Girl Guides of Canada (GGC). The organization contacted families last month warning them of a cyber breach, Eves said.

In an e-mail she provided to CTV News, GGC said it discovered it was the victim of a cyber attack on May 25.

“Immediately upon discovering the intrusion, GGC retained an external data security consulting firm and took steps to contain and respond to the incident,” the e-mail reads.

“We are notifying you out of an abundance of caution because we cannot rule out that the unidentified party may have gained access to your child’s/children’s name, address, email (if provided), date of birth and emergency contact.”

Other mysterious transactions discovered

“I’m really concerned about the information of young girls potentially being sold to people,” Eves said.

In addition to the phone case, Eves discovered five other unauthorized purchases on her credit card, including one for an adult toy.

“Definitely not appropriate for a nine-year-old and so I’m really glad that we were able to catch this,” she said.

“What we suspect is happening is that the individuals who order this merchandise and have it shipped here will get a notification from Amazon once the item has been delivered. So, I think they are swinging by our house to collect the item hoping that we don’t discover it.”

Eves said her bank and Amazon have launched a fraud investigation.

In the e-mail, GGC sincerely apologized and said it hired an external data security firm to resolve the issue.

CTV News reached out to Girl Guides of Canada for comment but did not hear back by the time this story was published.