The shutdown of Ottawa’s courthouse has cancelled the high-profile trial of an Ottawa police sergeant for the day.

The courthouse was closed for the day after a water supply line leading into the building failed.

It was supposed to be the second day of the sex assault trial for Ottawa police sergeant Steven Desjourdy.

Desjourdy is accused of sexually assaulting a female inmate during a search in the Ottawa cellblock back in 2008.

The woman in the case, who cannot be named under a publication ban, has released her side of the story in an agreed statement of facts.

In court documents, the woman recalls the moment Ottawa Police Special Const. Melanie Morris searched her in the cellblock.

“I recall becoming very upset when I was told that I would be searched again,” she said.

“Special Const. Morris grabbed my hair with both her hands and jerked my head back…then without warning, she put her hands down my pants.”

The woman then admits to kicking Morris before she was forced down to the ground.

“Sgt. Desjourdy crouched down and began to cut open my T-shirt and bra…at some point I urinated,” she said in the document.

“I was very embarrassed and absolutely humiliated…in front of all the uniformed male officers…I felt sexually violated. I was barefoot, topless and wearing wet pants,” she said.

The woman was then given a jumpsuit to wear, and put in a cell.

The woman won’t take the stand in the trial, so her statement will be her only input in court.

The statement will form much of the Crown’s case against Desjourdy. His defence team is open to contesting part of it.

Video from the police cellblock is expected to play a significant role in the case.

Desjourdy has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault.

 He has been on administrative duties since charges were laid.

The trial will resume on Thursday.

With files from CTV’s Catherine Lathem.