The City of Ottawa has bulldozed an abandoned home long considered an eyesore in the city’s west end.

The home stood vacant for years, prompting local residents to worry about potential drug use going on there.  

“I think it’s a very good thing for the neighbourhood,” said resident Jean Fortier.”It’s been an eyesore for so long that I was wondering how come they hadn’t done it before.”

Doyle Homes owns the land where the house stood.

He wanted to demolish it a long time ago, but was not able to because of city rules.

Ottawa does not allow demolition before approval has been granted for something to replace what’s being torn down.

Doyle wasn’t ready to replace it, so the house stood empty for years.

“It’s been almost five years, I think, that we’ve been waiting for this house to be torn down with squatters in it,” said local resident Germaine Fortier. “I mean you never know if there’s going to be a fire in there.”

Local councillor Mark Taylor was able to get an exception from the strict rules for the home on Maplewood Ave. to come down.

Planning Committee Chair councillor Peter Hume says the city should consider changing those rules.

“Not just the wholesale demolition, but giving them three, five years to get their act together, maintain the property,” he said. “You get some time to submit plans for a new house.”

Now owner Doyle Homes has a year to submit plans for a new house to be built.

Residents on Maplewood Ave. say they are just happy the abaondoned house is finally gone.

With files from CTV’s Norman Fetterly.