An Ottawa-area family with twins and triplets are defying the odds once again with their newest addition.

It was a big surprise when Laurie and Pat Scissons from Ashton, ON, found out they were having twin boys in 1990 – an even bigger surprise when they gave birth to triplets two years later in 1992.

“Our doctor said it was a one in a million chance to have twins and triplets without fertility drugs,” Pat said.

Those boys, just 20 months apart, are all grown up now and starting families of their own – never expecting multiples would be in the cards.

‘Shocked and excited’ - That’s how the family describes finding out that 24-year-old Scott Scissons, one of the triplets, and his girlfriend Erika Timmins would be having twin boys as well.

 “Our doctors called it a fluke,” Timmins said. “Because they are identical, it’s a fluke; it doesn’t follow a genetic path I guess.

Six weeks ago the couple welcomed another set of twin boys, Emmett and Warren, to the Scissons family. Doctors told the pair that this time the ‘twin gene’ was likely coming from Timmin’s side.  

“Erika and Scott’s doctor said it’s not part of the genetics but I beg to differ,” Pat said while laughing at the coincidence.

The birth has created a lot of questions for another one of the triplets, Ryan Scissons, and his fiancée Amanda Hemphill, who are expecting in June, 2017.

“There’s only one,” said Hemphill, who was told during her ultrasound that there was one heartbeat. “As long as it’s healthy, I would like a girl though to change it up a bit,” she added.

A little girl could completely change up the family tree, which has gone from twins to triplets back to twins – all boys.

“Oh we will have girl, I have pink stuff bought”, said Laurie Scissons, grandmother to the future baby.  

But no one is holding their breath just yet.