CTV Ottawa's quest for the region's best chip truck took us to several areas of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, including Almonte.

Our first stop was Willy's Wagon, which our viewers told us was fry-a-licious.

"If they're not home-made, they're no good," said one customer.

Consistency the mantra of one owner

Bill Dugdale owns and operates Willy's Wagon. He also has the chip stop in town. A truck has been parked at one location for 60 years.

His french fry philosophy is, "Consistency. Mostly we try to do them the same every day, high-quality products, fresh-cut fries."

Nearby, the new Poutine Queen truck in town is reining in the customers.

"They're well-done, crispy," said a customer there. "They're done the way they're supposed to be done."

Praise for chips and chili

Over at the Poutine Queen, Jennifer Lemieux puts the crowning touch on deep-fried goodness.

"The crispness," says customer Doug Norton about what he likes. "These ones are very well-done."

Ed Ladoucer is trying chili poutine for the first time there for the first time. He eats at the Poutine Queen at least three times a week.

"I'm a roofer; it's hard work," he says. "If you can't work it off calorie-wise, you just sweat it out. And just look at this stuff. It's great."

The touch of a mother

Back in Ottawa, Tommy's Chipwagon on Wellington on Holland Street is under heavy quality control.

Lan Pham has been in business 20 years.

"My mom actually listens to what people want," says daughter Jennifer.

"She looks at it, and she's a mother, of course. And mothers always know best."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman