A one-million dollar home could be yours for $25 dollars.

Connie and Allan McIntosh are holding an online contest to sell their home for just $25 dollars. All potential buyers need to do is write an essay of 100 words or less about why they should live there.

Connie McIntosh says, “We took it off the listing, we just said, let’s try something different. If we can provide something for someone for doing this, if we can see ‘a pay it forward,’ a ‘domino effect,’ I would love that.”

Sunday, the couple held an open house for the first time for people to get a glimpse inside.

The McIntoshes’ goal is to get 50-thousand entries. McIntosh says, “We don’t know if it’s a good idea and no one does until its finished and final. But the result for one family is worth everything!”

The home has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, wifi-connected appliances and is located in the Alta Vista neighborhood.

The Merkleys’ are just some of the families that toured the home on Sunday. Melanie Merkley says “It’s spectacular. It makes us really excited about the opportunity of winning it.”

Ron Merkley says, “We do have a large family. Three of our own... we have adopted two, and we are on our 15th foster baby. We would like to do more with fostering and we need more space.”  

For a link to the contest, click here.