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Serena Williams' legacy extends beyond success on tennis court

Serena Williams indicated on Tuesday she is preparing to walk away from her professional tennis career as the start of the U.S. Open approaches on Aug. 29 and her 41st birthday approaches next month. She would leave behind a legacy that extends beyond her dominance on the court.

Serena Williams celebrates as she defeats Maria Sharapova during their women's tennis final match at the French Open at Roland Garros stadium, June 8, 2013 in Paris. (AP Photo/David Vincent)

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Dutch farmer protests and what's happening in Canada, explained

The ongoing protests in the Netherlands, by farmers opposed to their government’s plan to slash nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 per cent by 2030, have drawn attention to Canadian farmers’ concerns over an emissions reduction target set by the Canadian government. But the policies set out by the Dutch government and the Canadian government are fundamentally different, experts say.

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