Ottawa police say 50 break-ins have been reported in the Glebe and Civic Hospital neighbourhoods since the beginning of January, and the suspect seems to be getting bolder.

In the first week of January, 25 break-ins were reported in both neighbourhoods; that number has since doubled.

"We've seen an increase in break-ins, especially in the Glebe-area. We believe it's the same suspect involved. And it's certainly very concerning to us because the numbers, like I said, are increasing -- they've probably doubled in the past week," said Staff-Sgt. Kal Ghadban.

Police say most of the break-ins are occurring during the day, and the suspect tends to enter the homes by prying open either a back window or door.

In the Civic Hospital area, Chris Johnson told CTV Ottawa he was home when someone tried to break into his house.

"He grabbed the door and tried to push his way into the door. And I'm standing on the inside, at which point I called the police," said Johnson, who said police responded with search dogs but lost the burglar's scent.

In the Glebe, residents say they're making sure their doors are locked at all times and security systems are in place.

Mary Marsh says her neighbour was one of the people who were targeted.

"She just lives down the street, about 10 houses down, in a very regular house, and she was broken into and I thought I better put my alarm system in," Marsh said.

Down the street, resident Vic Ko says his house was almost hit.

"I saw footsteps halfway back to my window there and then stopped and I'm thinking did I feed the birds? Did I walk by here a couple of days ago? So I'm thinking that was the guy looking at my place," Ko said.

Investigators are asking residents to be vigilant, reminding them to keep their doors locked and to call police immediately if they see anything suspicious.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua