A Kanata computer shop is in jeopardy after burglars made off with more than $25,000 in merchandise. 

Computer Concepts on March Rd. has been the victim of two robberies in the last three months.  The most recent robbery happened on Friday, December 19th.

Surveillance cameras installed after the store's first robbery this Summer captured the entire incident. The video shows a pair of masked men breaking into the shop, then stuffing a dozen Apple laptops into a suitcase. The smash and grab took the men about one minute. 

“We're a mom and pop shop. We’re not a big box store. We are not a chain store,” said owner David Melamed.

“It is our livelihood and it’s a horrible thing to try and recover from.”

The burglars only stole the refurbished Apple computers, leaving walls of accessories, monitors, and Windows computers.

Melamed is worried that the store may not recover from the two burglaries and the costs to increase security precautions. It is going to cost thousands to add bars to the windows, and they have already paid a couple thousand to replace the windows.

"We are going to try to survive it and get over it," Melamed said. 

"Maybe customers who haven't seen us in a while will come back to us and support a local business." 

Melamed says the insurance company will help the company out, but they will not cover lost profit margins. He is also concerned that his insurance company will increase the store's payments or drop them altogether.

Police are investigating, but Melamed says they haven’t found any suspects yet.